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Impress your guest with your Thai cooking skills with Dim's "Thai Food Tonight" Video  
A Cooking Video
is an excellent way to learn all the nuances of Thai cooking; and in Dim's 27 minute cooking video you will not be disappointed.
Dim will take you through the process of preparing an entire four course Thai meal that is guaranteed to impress your guests. In this easy to follow video she guides her daughter, Cathy, through the same steps that her own mother traced many years ago when Dim was a little girl.

Not many years ago Thai cuisine was relatively unheard of. Few people could even locate Thailand on a map; and many confused Thai food with Chinese cuisine.
But over the last decade with the move towards healthier eating, Thai restaurants have sprung up in all parts of the world. In fact Thai food has become so popular that it threatens to replace Chinese as the worlds leading Asian cuisine

This informative and easy to follow instructional video is just $19.99 plus shipping , handling and tax (CA only)

Or skip the hassle of having to shop around for Thai ingredients to make your 4 course Thai meal. Order the Thai Starter Kit, which contains the instructional video AND most of the items you might not find at your local supermarket and save yourself a lot of time.

Looking for a unique gift for a special occasion? Dim’s Thai Gift Basket makes an attractive, novel and never-to-be-forgotten gift. We’ll ship it direct to that person on your shopping list and customize it with a personal message

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Thai cooking classes and Thai cookbooks can now be found everywhere. Learning how to cook Thai food is an art that everyone seems to want to master.
But finding good recipes, locating unique spices and ingredients and learning Thai cooking techniques discourage many cooks from even trying

The idea for Dim's Thai Cooking Video Series was the result of a lifelong passion for cooking. Dim Geefay was born in Thailand. There she learned the art of cooking delicious Thai meals from her mother who followed Thai recipes handed down to her by her mother.. Her mother's recipes were the delight of the entire family and Dim wants to share the secrets to Thai food and ingredients here... and in her Thai cooking video


  Preview portions of the video here
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