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Salad Khaak or Muslim Salad

a Green Salad with a delicious peanut sauce dressing for eight servings

Making the dressing:

1. Pour half a can of coconut milk into a sauce     pan over low heat,

    (use half a can first...you'll eventually want to     use it all so the rest won't go to waste. You'll     end up with more sauce tha you can always      freeze it and have it later)
2. Now stir in about ¼ cup of Masaman curry     paste. Keep stirring until the paste is totally     dissolved in the coconut milk

    .(Masamam curry is a Thai Muslim curry. It is     different from the regular Thai red curry     because it contains many dried spices     including cinnamon nutmeg. cloves , star anise     ,cardamom)

3. Cook for couple of minutes

4. Add about ¼ cup of fish sauce. (if your a     vegetarian you can use soy sauce instead )

5. Put in about 2 tablespoons of sugar,
    2 tablespoons of vinegar and
    ½ cup of peanut butter( the chunky kind)

6. stir and cook until the mixture is fully blended    (a couple of minutes)

7. add about 2 cups of water then bring it to a     boil.

8. Add the rest of the coconut milk stir and turn     off the heat.

9. In a pan, fry a package of pressed tofu (you     can use extra firm tofu if you can't find the     pressed tofu) in about 2 tablespoons of oil     over medium heat

10. Lightly Brown both sides of Tofu.

11. Set the Tofu aside to cool. Then slice the        tofu squares into thinner slivers

12. For the vegetables, you'll need a head of        Romaine, some Sliced cucumbesr, some        sliced tomatoes and some chopped green        onions.

13. Arrange all these together in the plate and        put the dressing in a small bowl...or pour the        dressing directly on top.

14. Slice a hard boiled egg in half and add it to       the dish