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Lights! Camera! Action!
Every Monday it's "American Life"!

...The American Life TV Network, that is.
Thai Food Tonight is now part of the featured programs on the American Life TV Network, alongside other notable cooking shows like "Alive & Well with Michelle Harris", "Monterey Cooking", "Graham Kerr's Kitchen", "Cookbook Cooking with Christopher Kent" and "Embassy Chefs".




Watch us every....

2:30 pm and 6:30 pm (EST)
11:30 am and 3:30 pm (Pacific)

3:30 pm (EST)
12:30 PM (Pacific)

10:30 am (EST)
7:30 am (Pacific)

The only Thai cooking show to air nationally on Cable TV

This half hour series features special Thai dishes prepared by Dim with assistance from daughter Cathy.

We'll also take you to Thailand where Dim has invited guest cooks to prepare their Thai specialties.

But this is more than a Thai cooking show. We features places of interest in Thailand, "The Land of Smiles".  Well travel to different parts of Thailand, visit a Thai market, celebrate Thai holidays and learn about the Thai customs and culture. You'll soon discover why Thailand is the top tourist destinations in Asiaai cooking video

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