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Pad Woom Cen or Stir fried cellophane noodles

6 small bundles of bean thread noodles·
6 cloves garlic (Smashed )·
½ cup cooking oil·
1 cup chicken broth·
1 pound chicken meat (sliced into bite size) or 1 lb of fresh or frozen prawns·
2 fresh eggs·
More or less 3-4 tbsp. fish sauce·
2 tsp sugar·
2 cups fresh bean sprouts· ½ red bell pepper sliced·
3 stalks green onion (cut 2 inch long pieces)
1 cup cilantro leaves·
fresh ground pepper.




Soak 6 little bundles of mung bean noodles in cold water for at least 10 minutes. Then drain and cut them into 4" long strips.

Dim; In a bowl
* Add 1 pound chicken meat
* Add 4 tablespoons of fish sauce
* Add 2 teaspoon of sugar
* Add garlic
Now heat about one half cup of cooking oil in a wok. Wait until the oil is nice and hot. (in Asia we wait until the oil starts to smoke)
Put in the chicken meat mixture
Stir quickly
Keep Stirring the chicken until it is cooked
* Add the bean thread noodles that you soaked earlier
* Crack in 2 eggs
* Add some chicken broth , a little at a time, if the noodles start looking a little dry. These noodles cook fast. When the noodles turn clear they are done.
* Add half red bell pepper sliced
* Add two cups of bean sprouts
* And green 3 green onions chopped
Stir everything for a few seconds (try not to overcook the bean sprouts)
Turn off the heat. And dish out on a serving plate
* Flavor With ground pepper
* And garnish with cilantro