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 Thai Restaurant Consultant

Dim is a Thai Restaurant Consultant To establishments looking to add Thai cuisine and flavor to their menus.

Dim’s role as Thai restaurant consultant has taken her to major metropolitan cities…and to some very exotic tourist destinations.





Dim Teaching
Dim usully starts off by sampling the restaurant's current dishes.... and making notes on ways they might be improved






She spends time in the kitchen with the restaurant chefs, working to refine their existing dishes or adding new dishes to the menu. Chefs are encourage to taste test their own dishes



Dim Geefay Teaching
The art of Thai cooking is not only about using traditional Thai ingredients. It's also about using the right Thai cooking tools, making sure the ingredients are mixed in the proper order and that they are heated to the right temperature.
In some parts of the world Thai ingredients are hard to find







Dim is good at suggesting substitute ingredients that can be found locally ...ingredients that still preserve that Thai flavor. 
As an avid gardener, she has even helped restaurants start their own Thai gardens so they can have a continuous supply of hard-to-find Thai herbs and vegetables on hand all  the time.








In the kitchen, Dim demonstrates how she usually cooks each dish. Next she gives plenty of time for each chef to take notes and then  try out the recipe for themselves.

At the end of each session the chefs are asked to go solo and see how they do on their own.  
And Dim applies the “taste test” to make sure they got it right.









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