Thai Food Tonight
Thai Food Tonight
In 2004 Dim produced a series of Thai Cooking shows that aired nationwide on the American Life TV Network. The TV show was called “Thai Food Tonight” and featured Dim and her daughter, Cathy preparing popular Thai dishes for the camera.   The show also featured segments on Thai culture and customs.
The series of 30 minute TV shows was a hit and gained a loyal following of millions of viewers and to this day remains the only Thai cooking show to air in the US
On Set
Then Thai food started becoming popular in the US . And Dim quickly gained a reputation as an authority on how to cook Thai dishes.
She was invited to demonstrate Thai cooking techniques at cooking events and classes around the country.
Today, Dim Geefay is determined that every person who loves eating Thai food should also be empowered to prepare delicious Thai means for themselves and their families.
Dim at cooking demonstration

Back then, finding Thai ingredients in a small American town was not easy.
So Dim would travel several hundreds of miles to San Francisco or Los Angeles to stock up on the Thai ingredients whenever she could .

She had to work hard to keep Thai food on the dinner table.

dim and mom
The idea for Dim's Thai Cooking Video Series was the result of a lifelong passion for cooking.
Dim Geefay was born and raised in Thailand where food is a national passion.
As a child she loved spending time in the kitchen helping her mother prepare the family meals.
In time, Dim learned how to prepare the recipes that her mother had learned from
her grandmother
Years later Dim met and married a Peace Corps volunteer and began a new life in America .
At the end of the TV season Dim decided to continue bringing the art of Thai cooking to the public through her website. So she began making video segments from the cooking show available on the "Recipes" link.

Now anyone can access her "How To" videos and watch Dim and her daughter Cathy cook up some of the most popular Thai dishes.

We hope these cooking videos will help take the mystery out of Thai cooking once and for all.
























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