Thai Food Tonight
Thai Food Tonight
Mee Grob (Sweet and Sour Crisp Fried Thai Noodles)


1 small package of Rice vermicelli noodles

2 cups Diced hard pressed tofu or extra firm tofu

½ cup of Dried shrimp

4 tbs of Tamarind juice (or 4 tbs of white vinegar)

2 tbs of Ketchup

6 tbs of Coconut palm sugar  (OR 3 tabledspoons of white granulated sugar and 3 tsbs of corn syrup)

3 tbs of Fish sauce

8 cups of Cooking oil

1 cup bean sprouts

Garlic chive or green onion stalks, cilantro sprigs and sliced red jalapeno for garnish
Mee Grob
If you use hard pressed tofu or extra firm tofu dice it up into ½ inch squares , lay them out on a tray single layer and dry in the sun or in the oven under low heat until they are dry and hard

In a deep pan add 3 cups of oil
Turn heat up high. When oil is hot turn down the heat

Test the oil by dropping a piece of dried tofu in. If the tofu starts to puff up and sizzle the oil is ready

Add the rest of the tofu to the hot oil and cook briefly till they are slightly brown. Scoop out  all the fried tofu  with a wire mesh strainer onto a paper towel to soak up the oil

Now add the dried shrimp to the hot oil and fry briefly till it is crispy.  Adjust the heat so you don't burn the shrimp.  Scoop up the shrimp and dry on a paper towel
Add about 6 cups of oil to the pan and turn the heat up high (enough to cover the noodles completely)
Open the package of vermicelli noodles and pry the tight bundles of noodles apart so they are nice and  loose.  Separate the noodles into several loose bundles
Test a piece of noodle in the hot oil to see if it is ready.  If the noodles puff up, the oil is hot enough
Put one small bundle of noodles into the hot oil
It should puff up and expand quickly.  As soon as it puffs up, flip the noodles over onto to fry the other side.  Cook for a few seconds and then remove and drain on a paper towel
Cook the rest of the noodles in the same fashion.

Let the oil cool off and then transfer the cooled oil to a container

Making the Sauce

The pan should have about one tablespoon of oil left in it to make the mee grob sauce.

Add  6 tablespoons of coconut palm sugar (or 3 tablespoons of sugar and 3 tablespoons of corn sugar)
Add 4 tablespoons of Tamarind juice (or 4 tablespoons of white vinegar)
Mix well over very low heat
Add 3 tablespoons of fish sauce
Add 2 tablespoons of ketchup for coloring
Mix well.   Keep on low heat so you don’t burn the sauce . Let the sauce simmer till the mixture is nice and thick. Then turn down the heat as far as you can

Add the dried fried tofu and fried shrimp to the sauce. Mix into the sauce

Next, add in the noodles to the sauce
Mix the sauce into the noodles.  Make sure sauce coats the noodles evenly.  As you mix, scoop up the sauce from the bottom of the pan so it doesn’t burn
Now scoop up the noodles into a serving plate

Garnish with garlic chives, green onions and red peppers .You can add raw bean sprouts and cilantro leaves on the side

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