Thai Food Tonight
Thai Food Tonight
Seafood Salad (Yum Talay)
Ingredients for 4 people
10 cups of water

½ lb. big frozen Shelled Prawns (thawed)

½ lb.  frozen calamari (thawed and already cut and cleaned)

½ lb. medium or big  fresh or frozen scallop (thawed)

add  ¼ medium red onion (sliced)

½ cup of  mixed celantro leaves

2 stalks green onions (sliced)
¼ cup of mint leaves
Ingredients for Dressing

4 cloves garlic

2 red and green Thai chili peppers or 1-2 red and green Serrano peppers

3 tbsp cilantro roots (or cilantro stems if you can’t find them with roots)

2 teaspoons of salt

1 tbsp sugar

4 tbsp lime juice
2 tbsp white vinegar
Seafood Salad
Preparing the Dressing

Smash the garlic, peppers , and cilantro in a mortar and pestle (or use a cutting board and chop them into fine pieces)

Put the smashed paste in a bowl

Add  salt, sugar, lime juice and vinegar and mix until the sugar and salt are dissolved

 Boil water in a pot over medium high heat

 Boil Calamari and place in a large bowl

Boil Scallops and place in the bowl

Boil prawns and place in the bowl

Now add the dressing to the bowl and mix it in with the seafood

Add the red onions, celantro leave , mint and green onions and toss.

Garnish with a few left over mint leaves , a lime wedge and chili pepper  


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