Thai Food Tonight
Thai Food Tonight
Thai Tuna Toast (Kanom Bung Nah Gung)


½ loaf of sweet Baguette bread slice ¼ inch thick

1 can chunky light Tuna in water (drained)

3 eggs

1 tsp cornstarch

1/2 cup chopped water chestnuts

1 tbsp sesame seeds

1 tbsp. chopped fresh ginger root

1/2 cup of chopped green onion and cilantro

2 tsp fish sauce

fresh pepper
1 tbsp

1 tsp sugar

3 -4 cups vegetable oil

Tuna Toast
Preparing the Mixture

Slice the baguette into ¼” thick slices and let the pieces air dry till they become slightly hard.

In a bowl,  crack the eggs and beat them lightly

Add the tuna, cornstarch, water chestnuts, sesame seeds, ginger root, fish sauce and sugar. 

Mix ingredients

Add green onions and cilantro and mix lightly


Heat the vegetable oil in a deep frying pan

Test the oil by dropping in a bit  bread.  If it hits the oil and starts frying, the oil is hot enough.  If not, wait till the oil reaches frying temperature.

Take a slice of the bread and spread  some of the mixture out on it (like a thick layer jam)

Place the bread face down in the hot oil and let it cook for a minute. 

Check to see that it doesn’t burn.  Then flip the bread it over and cook it till it gets golden brown…but not burnt.

When a piece is done, drain out the excess oil and place it on a paper towel to soak up any leftover oil

Server hot. In Thailand this dish is usually served with Cucumber Salad


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